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Who We Are

Sarat Investments Holding is a privately-owned Saudi Arabian company with headquarters based in Riyadh. Sarat have successfully created joint ventures and partnerships with international companies to invest in an develop successful businesses in underserved sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At Sarat our objective is to create long term and mutual beneficial relationships with international companies in Saudi Arabia and wider Middle East and North Africa Region


Sarat Investments Holding aims a driving development across several key economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with ambitions and objectives of VISION 2030

Real Estate

The real estate sector in Saudi Arabia presents major opportunities and a positive outlook for the future, thanks to combination of government stimulus, economic growth and demographic evolution. We leverage our experience in real estate development along with our solid network of partners to implement major real estate projects at top international standards, delivering high quality residential and commercial real estate offerings.



Environmental Health

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change and energy security, the importance of preserving the environment and clean energy sources cannot be overstated. Biofuels, waste management, and clean energy represent a significant step forward in this regard, offering solutions that not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels but also preserves the environment for future generations. Sarat Investments is deeply committed to this cause, and we’re actively building partnerships and investing in innovative technologies and projects that will help us achieve a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. For more information, visit OMPECO’s website:



Sarat Investment Holdings is a pioneering driver when it comes to focusing our investment portfolio energy to bring to the Middle East luxurious names and brands in the sector of hospitality management. Our aim is to serve the leisure sector by providing leading names in hospitality that stretches across all aspects of service and accommodation. We have teamed up with highly-revered names and specialized teams to provide elite hospitality services to the regional community with international standards of end-to-end professionalism. For more information, please visit




Because the entertainment industry is expanding to exponential levels throughout the world, and specifically into the Middle East Region, it comes of great importance that efforts are exerted to make every entertainment event a memorable one and brings about a sense of astonishment to everyone. For this reason, Sarat Investments Holding is a leading investing and major shareholder in global companies specialized in the entertainment industry to place a vibrant footprint wherever an event may be. It achieves great milestones through professional operations through its Entertainment Business Unit, Le Seize.
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Health Services & Solutions

When it comes to health and wellness solutions, Sarat Investment Holdings is a keen advocate of distribution and promotion of advanced health solutions to households, commercial facilities and various organizational and events forms, taking into account community protection through the provision of advanced health solutions. Sarat Investments has partnered with Advanced Health Solutions to bring forth innovative solutions including Digital Pathology, Personal and commercial wellness and health products. For more information, please visit


As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, and due to our culture that embraces giving back, Sarat Investment Holdings is a leading advocate of encouraging investing in the development of our community and society as a whole. We firmly believe that the greatest investment of all is the one that brings us a rewarding feeling without the expectation of financial return. Investing in the welfare and development of people brings about the great reward of helping those in need to realize their full potential. For more information, please visit the following websites:




If you are interested in learning further about our cross-regional and diverse investment initiatives or have a suggestion and want to discuss an unprecedented investment opportunity, please reach out to us on the following contact information. You can also drop us a message through the contact form below. Our representatives are available to take your inquiries

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